Friday, October 14, 2011


So, I've been on a documentary kick lately... I recently revisited "Helvetica" and I must say, it was even better than I had remembered; though one does not have to be a complete and utter typomaniac to enjoy this film. Honestly, if you have never even thought about typography once in your life and how it affects the way you perceive just about everything around you, then you are about to get your dome blown into a bazillion little pieces and then put back together again... Oh, and the surgeons report will be typed in Helvetica.

Erik Spiekermann: Extra Interview

This guy is by far my favorite. Anyone who compares a typeface to Nazi's always wins. Here's a wee bit that didn't make it in to the documentary.

Spiekermann in his youngerrr-ish days. (unrelated to "Helvetica")


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